About Spirit Construction

From the beginning SPIRIT CONSTRUCTION has been committed to providing the maximum quality, productivity and reliability at the lowest possible cost.  This commitment to excellence is not only evidenced in the work done in our home cities, but in all our projects across the country.

Values, Beliefs & Principles:


Safety is the guiding principle during all phases of engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance. The goal is an accident free workplace.


The highest standards set forth will result in a facility that is dependable, durable, and productive.


We will create a climate where people enjoy working and feel secure; one in which innovation is valued and encouraged. We believe in the results of teamwork and a positive attitude.


We will follow a well-planned process for long term operation, allowing us to continually expand capabilities to meet customer demands and satisfaction.


We will keep lines of communication open throughout all aspects of the project; what is known to one individual is known to the team.


We will meet commitments and respond immediately to any situation.


We will build and retain trust by demonstrating respect, honesty, cooperation and reliability.

Environmental Commitment

We will execute projects to ensure regulatory compliance while being friendly to the surrounding environment.

Customer Relations

We will foster understanding of our internal and external customers, and meet their needs by listening and asking the right questions.


We attain high quality and productivity through proper training.

Community Involvement

Our philosophy regarding donations is simple: an investment in the communities in which we work will pay back huge dividends. By targeting contributions to organizations which emphasize the importance of youth, family, and community, we help others as ourselves through a stronger, more educated, and value balanced workforce.

The majority of our contributions are made to organizations where we and our clients live and work. We benefit those who help to make us successful.